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Best Credit Repair Company in San Diego

If you are worried about your bad credit score and you have tried some of your known companies to improve your credit score, but all in vain. You don’t need to worry about your credit scores now. With Bluewater credit repair you can get the best services in your city, San Diego.

Credit scores are a depiction of a person’s worth and credibility. From renting a house to getting a loan for building a house, everything depends on a good credit score. And for repairing credit contact the best Bluewatercredit.com San Diego credit repair

Our long history of services and surveys suggest that there is at least one mistake with every person’s credit. Some of these are;

Credit bureau mistakes. Almost 79% of the population experience errors in their credit report. These errors arise from the wrong information provided to the bureau by the lenders. These mistakes influence your credit report.

Negative items on credit report. About 54% of customers have late payment history, bankruptcy, and defaults. You can prove this information wrong by providing details of your payment history and collections.

Wrong information on your account. 30% customer’s report that the information on their credit report is incorrect with mistakes in name and address. And most important of these is the report of closed accounts.

And there are 25% of people desperate for their credit scores. They have so down credit scores even with spending money to improve them but show no sign of betterment.

If you are facing one of the above problems, and living in San Diego, you have a solution with Bluewater credit repair. It works through the proper legal channel and under the policy or credit laws to remove errors from your credit reports. You are abiding by the credit laws, they have solved lots of credit repair problems with the removal of outdated information from the credit report.

The timeline of services offered by Bluewater to help resolve your issue is

  • 10 days- Evaluation and plan.
  • 10 days-Credit counseling and recommendations.
  • 45 days- Forward your credit report from all three bureaus to BWC (blue water credit).
  • 90 days- to view your progress online.
  • 180 days- Get your final review on credit score.

The above timeline is a general timeline that is there to give you an idea of the process as they don’t claim quick methods of repairing credit. The schedule can shrink or increase depending on the severity of the problem.