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Top Advantages of Using Renewable Solar Energy

It wasn’t until ten years ago that solar energy became affordable, accessible and popular. The technology before then, along with the exorbitant cost of research and development, not to mention the materials used, inhibited the widespread use of the technology. Reviews of solar technology are at an all-time high amidst today’s influx of tax incentives and worry regarding the increasingly worsening effects of climate change. Affordable renewable energy, specifically solar power, could not come at a better time. Maybe an earlier intro into the market would be more beneficial but I digress.

Most authorities, solar reviews, and internet blogs will tell you that using solar energy is good for the environment. More accurately, it has the most potential to be a “green” energy source. One reason is that solar output, the panels’ main source of power, is almost always predictable. I say the main source since there are solar panels being developed that get power from sources other than the sun, like the rain for example. Well, the sun’s output is regular and has few annual variations. It is at minimum at sunrise, maximum when the sun is at its zenith, then goes down again to a minimum at sunset. Needless to say, there is no solar output at night, except in certain locations and times so we will not be discussing those.

This regularity will make it possible for us to use power-intensive devices when solar output peaks then gradually ease down when solar output wanes. When enough consumers are consistent with their electricity usage, it’s possible then to lower the output of power plants, thereby reducing resource consumption and carbon emissions. It is estimated that the annual reduction of carbon emissions for solar energy users is more than 35,000 pounds. You would need to plant at least 88 trees to counter that much carbon dioxide in a year.

This regularity also makes solar energy a non-volatile energy source, when compared to other sources such as coal or natural gas. These are limited, non-renewable resources and as such, have different market prices throughout a single day. And fossil fuels can only jack up their prices as natural sources dry up. The best alternative, then, is a consistently priced energy source that costs nothing more than the price of the equipment, installation, minimal after-sales service, and insurance.

When you think of a desert, you immediately bombard yourself with images of barren, hot sand surfaces, more glass than anything because of the heat of the sun baking the unprotected land. You can also think of it another way. Imagine solar panel assemblies lining the part of the desert with the least shifting sand to bury it and you have a very good way to use underutilized land. The energy generated by even a few square kilometers of solar panels on deserts can power entire cities. Plus, this energy can be kept in storage devices to be used when necessary. Any excess energy generated can then be used at a future day when conditions are less than optimal.

Solar power has a large potential to be the future of energy. Developing the correct technology and protocols to use that energy becomes crucial in making sure that we don’t waste this chance. Soleeva helps in creating this world with safe solar technology for all, so this opportunity doesn’t become a perpetual hazard and regret.